Certification of Persons

Being the moving force of certification, globalization pushes businesses, economies and educational institutions go beyond borders. Industries and job markets become extremely competitive, which created the urge to stand out in order to be successful. Companies and people all around the world rely of certification to tackle these issues.

Certification provides:

  • Lifelong learning and continuing education
  • Global recognition of skills and knowledge
  • Connection between theory and practice
  • Networking opportunities
  • Professional loyalty
  • Professional advancement and specialization
  • Increased work effectiveness and efficiency
  • Competitive advantage

For professionals

  • Better job prospects due to employers‘ focus on certified workforce
  • Differentiation among the competitors on the job market
  • Professional credibility
  • Polished and practice-oriented skills and knowledge



For companies

  • Exceptional expertise, skills and knowledge of certified professionals
  • Optimized processes and increased efficiency
  • Credibility in the eyes of stakeholders, customers and partners

Certification in the IT Field

IT professionals realize the value of certifications and keep up with the industry’s requirements.

In 2019, 85% of IT professionals around the globe have at least one certification with the numbers varying from 81% in North America to 96% in Asia-Pacific region.

2019 IT Skills and Salary Report highlights that:

  • the salary of certified IT professionals surpass the salaries of non-certified professionals by up to 21%
  • 52% of certified IT professionals reported that their expertise is more sought after within their organization
  • 45% of certified IT professionals have implemented efficiencies
  • 43% of certified IT professionals are faster at performing their job