Green IT – SGC 23747:2021

Why should IT companies become CO2-neutral?

Due to the lack of traditional manufacturing and distribution of products and the minimal direct CO2 emissions in IT companies, this sector has great potential to become CO2 neutral. This would set a trend and motivate other sectors to become more aware of their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it.

The path to CO2 neutrality also includes switching to more sustainable and environmentally friendly procurement, suppliers and partners. This means shaping the trend towards sustainable companies more global. In addition, IT companies are largely international and operate on a global level, which has the potential for global change.

Green IT certification

Green IT is a certification that is granted to IT companies that are CO2 neutral or are on the way to becoming CO2 neutral.
The companies interested in becoming Green IT certified must follow these 4 steps:
1. Measure
2. Reduce
3. Offset
4. Prove
The commitment to CO2 neutrality as well as specific goals and strategies must be recorded, communicated and made publicly available. The intention to go carbon neutral must be publicized on the company’s website, social media and marketing materials. Reports must be published regularly to demonstrate compliance with the communicated goals and strategies. Internal audits must be carried out. The company must be ready for an external audit at all times.

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