About Us

Swiss Global Cert

Certification Body for Persons

Swiss Global Cert is a Swiss certifiation company with a focus on software related certifications. We cooperate with the leading certification schemes and experts in software quality or related fields.

We advocate continous learning, professional and personal education and provide benefits to companies and professionals through certification.

Swiss Global Cert acts impartially and free of conflicts of interests.

Certification Body for Companies

As an independent Swiss certification institute, Swiss Global Cert specializes in consulting, auditing and certifying companies in the field of personnel qualification worldwide. We work internationally on the creation of standards aimed at standardization, comparability and quality assurance in the field of training and further education for persons. We initiated the development of the international standard for certification bodies SGC-26268-2018. The core goals of this standard are independence and quality of certification bodies.

As an institution with long-lasting and worldwide experience of our employees and experts, we bring our expertise in order to be able to offer our national and international customers expert advice on the introduction and implementation of SGC-26268-2018. Our audits are transparent, traceable, solution-oriented and committed to the standard. We are present internationally on almost every continent and operate in German, English, Spanish and Italian languages. Whether you are a medium, small, multinational company or an association, we are happy to be there for you and provide you a solution tailored to suit your specific needs.