Certification Process

The SGC-26268-2018 certification process consists of following steps.

No. 1 Application: Send the filled out and signed application form to: info@swissglobalcert.com

We will contact you after receiving and verifying your application.

No. 2 Documentation review: Send us all the filled out checklist including the reference documents as well as other documents required by the standard.

We examine and assess the documents based on their completeness and accuracy, and identify the existing deviations.

No. 3 Initial audit: An on site audit is conducted in order to inspect the practical implementation of the corresponding documented processes and the adherence of the structure, policies and processes to the standard.

No. 4 Elimination of nonconformities: As a result of the document review and the audit, a report is to be prepared.

The most critical point are identified and the type and number of deviations and non-conformities are listed, which then have to be eliminated by the exam center. Based on the number and nature of the deviations and the required corrective actions, a period of time until the control audit is agreed.

During this period, any discrepancies detected by the audit team (nonconformities) must be effectively resolved.

No. 5 Control audit: The control audit is conducted upon the expiration of the period given for elimination of nonconformities.

This step aims to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the corrective measures.

No. 6 Certification: If all the discrepancies and nonconformities were resolved effectively and on time, the exam center receives the SGC-26268-2018 certification.

No. 7 Surveillance audit: After the certification, the first surveillance audit will be carried out, at the latest 24 months after the certification decision.

After performing this audit, an audit report will be prepared by the audit team.

On this basis, we decide on the continuation of the certification, taking into account the progress of the corrective measures of the discrepancies found.