Digital Design Professional

In the age of digitalization, our world is increasingly changing. With it, the expectations for innovative digital solutions are also increasing. To meet these expectations, the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) has developed the new Digital Design Professional (DDP) certification program in collaboration with recognized experts from IT, product and industrial design, based on the Bitkom Digital Design Manifesto.

The goal is to close the gap that exists today between the demanding design challenges of digitization and the necessary technical know-how in design.

The digital should be understood as a malleable material, such as wood or metal. With this understanding and the acquisition of design and cross-sectional competencies, a complete view of digitalization will be made possible and innovative and high-quality digital solutions will be promoted.

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For individuals:

The DDP provides the ability to take full advantage of the latest technological capabilities, consider all relevant aspects for a digital solution, evaluate the influences and dependencies of the relevant aspects, and develop digital solutions.

For companies:

With digital design professionals on your team, companies make a statement about the importance of digitalization, departments collaborate at a higher level of quality, opportunities to develop truly innovative digital solutions are increased, and companies highlight their exceptional expertise in innovative digital solutions.

DDP Foundation Level

Target group:

The DDP is designed for individuals who have an affinity for digital and experience from fields such as industrial design, BA, RE, or UX. The DDP FL is an introduction and a landing card for the digital design profession.


With the DDP, you have in-depth knowledge to explore feasibility, develop vision, and shape the form, function, and quality of the digital solution.


It is recommended to learn the exam material with the help of a training provider. You can also teach yourself the material through self-study.


There are no entry requirements for the DDP Foundation Level.

Exam information:

Structure: The exam consists of 45 multiple-choice questions. The topics covered in the exam can be found in the syllabus.

Duration: 75 min + 15 min for non-native speakers. You can find the time bonus form here.


To download the syllabi, examination regulations and glossary click here.